Ongoing projects

Wadi Safar – Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA)

Scope of Work

Works will be undertaken in two Phases:

  • Phase 1 – Construction of Nursery
  • Phase 2 – Operation & Maintenance of Nursery / Tree Management for 2 Years

The Nursery Construction is comprised of the following main components:

  1. Nursery Site Construction
    • Site Grading 70,000 m2
    • Parking and roads 5,000 m2
    • Site Lighting 25 Nos
    • Fencing & Gate 1,200 m
    • Irrigation network & Utilities      60,000 m2


  1. Construction of Nursery Management Buildings
    • Office Building + Messing Facilities 300 m2
    • Storage Facility 100 m2
    • Soil Mixing Shed + Washdown area 200 m2
    • Open in-ground area 60,000m2

The Operation & Maintenance / Tree Management is comprised of the following services:

  1. Operation & Maintenance / Tree Management
    • Survey, Health Checking & Tagging of Trees >50,000 Nos
    • Disposal of diseased trees
    • Treatment for palm trees against red weevils
    • Palm/Shade Trees Transplanting in Nursery >10,000 Nos
    • Watering, Pruning & Maintenance of Trees >24 Months

Southern Dunes

Southern Dune is one of the inland locations that together with coastal and marine initiatives form The Red Sea Projects on

Saudi Arabia’s west coast.

Southern Dunes is set to open during the first phase of development of The Red Sea Project, which is well underway and on track to be

completed by the end of 2023.


The project comes within the aims of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and includes the implementation of rainwater drainage networks and

solutions to reduce the sub-surface water level of Al-Asala neighborhood in Jeddah in the area between Al-Haramain Road

from the north and east and Prince Talal bin Mansour Road from the south and Medina Road from the west. The works are divided as follows:
1 – Earthworks (cutting and filling) in quantities of more than 100 thousand cubic meters.
2 – A U-shaped rainwater drainage channel, length of 983 m.
3 – Implementation of a rainwater drainage network with all its accessories, such as manholes and rain traps, with a length of more than 7000 meters.
4 – Implementation of a network for reducing the sub-surface water level with all its accessories, with a length of more than 7000 meters.
5 – Executing a Lift station to drain water from networks to the open channel.
6- The asphalt and base course layers to improve the efficiency of streets and roads in the district.

The project site is Al-Asala district – opposite Al-Jawhara Stadium.

Drainage of rainwater in Al-Tayseer area

The project is a part of the rainwater drainage initiative which is among the initiatives to implement the Kingdom’s 2030 vision and include Execution of rainwater disposal networks and urgent solutions to reduce the level of surface water for the Al-Tayseer area ( part one ) in the area between Palestine Road ( North ) , King Abdullah Road ( South ) , Alharmain Road ( West ) & Jeddah Eastern Mountainous area .

Work Area:

  • Earth Works ( Excavation & Backfilling ) total Quantity over 150,000 M3 .
  • Box Culvert Works total length is 2.3 K.M.
  • Main Pipes type are :FRP total length is 4.6 KM, RCP total length is 4.2 KM and Perforated PVC total length is 8.5 KM
  • U Channels
  • Asphalt Works.